Placing a custom team order

Apparel, jerseys, gear.

Step 1: Inquiry

Send us your ideas! Are you looking for custom jerseys, equipment, or team apparel? Let us know quantities, price range, and any other information you can provide about your order.

Step 2: Decision making

Our team sales team will relay any important information and find the best option for your needs. Any back-and-forth communication regarding mockups, prices, etc., happens in this stage. Once the decisions have been made, it's time to download our order form.

Step 3: Download our order form

Follow the instructions on our order form to input your roster, sizes, and quantities. Once we receive this back, we can proceed to the final stage.

Please email your completed order form to

Team Sales Order Form

Step 4: Payment and production

Once everything is finalized and we receive your order form that has been signed off on, we will require a 50% deposit, and then production can begin!

Step 5: Order Completion

Your order is ready! Come get it at our location.


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